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At Model Ship Master, we accept commissions to build any model in any scale and at any quantity. Our master craftsmen love a challenge to build new ships, and our extensive network with the museums in the world allows us to obtain virtually all records available for any vessel. Information supplied by you also helps in creating the best custom product available.  

If there's no plans available anywhere, don't worry.  We can draw full ship plans based on photos and descriptions.  Our artisans have drawn for major museums such as National Maritime Museum Antwerpen in Belgium and The Navy Museum of Brest in France. 

All our ship models look at least 90% like their real counterparts. Custom built ship models can be completed within a few months, and photographs of the work in progress are available to you at periodic intervals. A small deposit is required to begin construction and is used for research and material preparation, and therefore is non-refundable.

To obtain a quote on any ship model, please fill out the Commission Work Survey as follows. All quotes are good for two weeks and require a deposit with in seven days. Commission Work

Please note that all of our models are hollow hull, plank-on-frame just like the real ships were built.  This is not only about realism and authenticity but also the matter of value.  Imagine a ship model that are made of many solid blocks of wood glued together and onto a hull that is  also made out of another (large) block of wood!  It would be more like children's Lego, not a nautical art piece that prizes ownership, impossible to become a heirloom.

As well, Model Ship Master accepts commission job to build your model kits.  We solve many of the problems in kit manufacturing.  For example, we make hinged doors that move, glass-like windows that are transparent, and realistic cannons under deck...   The picture below shows a mass-production sample of kits.  Our models are hand crafted one by one and these issues do not exist. 

Model Ship Master has created over 400 custom built models and range from ancient vessels to the most advanced modern ships with prices ranged from $1,500 to $25,000. Following are photographs of representative projects that our clients allow us to post.

  custom boat model    
  custom ship model    

"I recieved the long expected crown jewel [Crown of Scandinavia] yesterday. What a fabolous piece of work.  I am so impressed! Especially the car deck with real working door hinges, it just blew me away! This will be a family heeirloom from me to my son, who also couldnt stop staring when he saw it... Thanks again modelshipmaster for making my dreams come true!  With the best regards, Max"

The following are representative photos of the new products that we added to custom orders starting 1/2014.  To get a quote or to book these craftsmen, please send us an email at


The following models are some examples that our craftsmen have built for shipyards:


Shipyards prefer metal material (amid high costs.)  This model was commissioned in the summer of 2013.

"I saw several Web sites that showed a couple of excellent large photos of a WWII warship.  I thought the model was a big wooden one but turned out it was from a plastic built from a 1/350 kit fitted with mass-produced brass etch details...  I think that's the reason they do not show many photos of their other models which I am pretty sure have solid hulls and numerous plastic parts.  Ed B."

""I just unpacked my Wanderer and it is beyond my highest hopes. You did a masterful job in recreating this historic whaler! It is the centerpiece of my "man cave" and I'm sure will become a family heirloom. 
Almost equally amazing was the craftsmanship of the shipping crate. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about how such a large, detailed and delicate model would survive the transport but your custom fitted crate supported and protected it perfectly. I did manage to break 2 of the delicate chains in the bow rigging as I removed some packing tape. My fault, but I am sure I can fix it myself. Would it be possible for you to send me about a foot of chain? Thank you for everything and feel free to post this if you like, Terry."





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"Just unpacked the Roraima ship.  She is far above expectations.  Thank you very much for this work.  Some of my friends seeing it may become customers to you very soon.  I'll let you know.  Have a nice day.  Bruno in France."
"I have been a good custom and purchased several ships from you in the past.  I am interested in having the Ranger and John Barry's Alliance made for me.  I am a history teacher and have brought several of your ships into class as part of my presentations and lessons concerning the war years of the Revolutionary War.  Please give me an idea of each project, cost, Ect... Thank You, Marc N."
"Model Ship Masters,
I received by commissioned model of the White Star Liner - SS Canopic this morning.  I have not completely unpacked it yet but from what I see so far it is absolutely spectacular.  I am very pleased and impressed with the accuracy, attention to detail, superior packing, etc.  Please give my compliments to the builder or builders of this fine model - the only known model the SS Canopic in the world.  I will not hesitate to have Model Ship Masters build my next custom model!
Sincerely, Jason J. D., M.D."

"So here are the images of the Sahodara as promised. These were taken by a professional photographer paid by the school and this model was chosen for the photo session...
The model came out great! She gathered a lot of attention at the Grad Show and everybody loved her! Great job, I'm really happy!  All the best in 2011!!  Jorge"