When you are searching for a model maker, focus on proofs. Do not fall for seductive language such as "fun", "easy", "any ships, any sizes"... Insist on large photos. Ship models might appear good from afar but when examined closely, 'truth be told'. Only large photos that show small sections of the ship will tell if a model is decent or shabby. For a sample of a model that looks OK from afar but very bad when it is in front of you, Google "Queen Mary 2 model" and pay attention to the windows and railings.

When you do your research, do it via a  large-screen computer, not a phone. If you have to use a phone, zoom all the way in to examine the details. For accuracy assessment, there must exist photos of all angles of the model, especially the stern. For a sample of a bad stern that is out of sight, Google "Queen Elizabeth 2 model." 

When accuracy is important to you, question the authenticity of a model's hull. In order to be accurate, the hull must be plank-on-frame, as explained in this web page. This construction method allows craftsmen to transfer accurate dimensions from the vessel's plans onto the frames of the hull. That hollow hull construction method also facilitates the use of transparent materials for cutout windows, instead of the use of painting or dark decal likes in the case of a sold wood block. A plank-on-frame hull and a hollow superstructure take at least twice the time to make a solid hull but much more on the mark. 

If you want a spectacular model that can draw instant admiration, get one that has exquisite lighting. Beautiful artistic lighting, not bright like a lamp.

If you prefer pictorial explanation, compare our models to the rest. For example,  to see a vast difference, you can Google "SS Bremen model". The Bremen was the most historic ocean liner which captured the Blue Riband on her first two voyages and also marked the first time mail was carried by a ship-launched plane for delivery before the ship's arrival. If the model of this very famous ship is wrong on many counts, then one can safely assume that all other models from those shops are short of authenticity. If you want more, Google "Conte Di Savoia model" or "Freedom of the Seas model."

We at build the most accurate and beautiful ocean liners and cruise ships in the history of model ship business. Our meticulosity, ingenuity, and a relentless drive for perfection have positioned us as the ultimate maker of these types of vessel. Our superb craftsmanship only came after strenuous years of relentless pursue of methodology and innovation. We use top-rated precision tools from Proxxon, laser cutting machine, CNC machine, and all the necessary software. Only these miraculous tools can produce sharp parts and straight, clean and uniform windows.

We hope that the photos above could help you distinguish between the average and the premium, a boring accessory and a lively piece of art. If there are any points that is not very clear, please do not hesitate to ask. Our email is

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