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Delta Queen

The legendary National Historic Landmark Delta Queen has been at home on the Mississippi River system since 1947. Lovingly preserved and maintained, she's an echo from the Great Steamboat Era. The Delta Queen was bought and went through the Panama Canal to the Mississippi in the late 1940s.

delta queen
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Robert E. Lee


Robert E. Lee is the record-setting winner of the Great Steamboat Race of 1870. Newspapers of the day reckoned that millions of dollars were wagered on the outcome of the New Orleans- to-St. Louis race, which attracted international attention. The Lee’s three-day, 18-hour, and 14-minute victory was an upset for the favored title holder, the Natchez.   

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Clermont Steamboat


On Aug. 17, 1807, the steamboat started on its first successful trip 150 miles up the Hudson River from New York City to Albany, in about 30 hours, including an overnight stop. The Clermont was long and slender.  From the shoreline of the Hudson River, spectators witnessed a shocking sight.  There in the river was a mechanical monster spewing flames and smoke.  It was 'Mr. Fulton's Folly'! Most of the people all thought the steam thingy would blow up and explode to the high heavens or roll over like a log that would sink fast... 


Orange ferry


Shortly after 5 P.M. on the day of the opening of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, the Dutchess and the Orange met at mid-river, signaled a final salute and formally retired the Newburgh-Beacon ferry into history after 220 years.  For $2 drivers crossed the Hudson on the ferry for the last time. 

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SS Canadiana


The SS Canadiana was a passenger ferry that primarily operated between Buffalo, New York and the Crystal Beach Amusement Park at Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada from 1910 to 1956. The Canadiana was also noted for being the last passenger vessel to be built in Buffalo, New York. 

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MV Baragoola

Baragoola was the most popular Manly ferry, this was evidenced by the massive turnout for her farewell trip in 1983 when she was so loaded that passengers where on the top wheelhouse deck (normally not allowed.)  Apart from Barrenjoey/North Head and Bellubera, no other Manly ferry had a longer career on the harbor.  She was known by her masters as an excellent ocean-going vessel.

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Mt. Washington


Mount Washington was the Queen of the Winnipesaukee fleet and dominated the lake transportation business.  She was the fastest of the all steamers on lake Winnipesaukee-- New Hampshire's largest lake. 

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King of Mississippi


Riverboats were jacks of all trades. They served as the lifeline for cotton and inland trade, towed barges and ferried railroad trains across the river. As passenger boats, they helped to shrink the vastness of America, and as showboats, they made that vastness a little less lonely.  SOLD OUT.

The American Queen

The biggest Sternwheeler ever built plies its trade on the Mississippi River-complete with old fashioned calliope tunes and Riverboat gamblers. 
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Delta King

The Delta King was called the million dollar boat.  It was constructed from 1924 to 1927 on the River Clyde at the Isherwood Yard in Glasgow, Scotland.  Both Delta King and Delta Queen run for the California Transportation Company of San Francisco on the so called "Delta Route", the Sacramtento - San Joaquin River Delta, which gave them their names. 
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Southern Belles

The Southern Belle was built to move a long string of barges in shallow rivers.  Although known as a tow boat the Southern Belle was lashed tight to the last barge in the string and pushed the barges wherever they went.  This method of transportation is very inexpensive. 
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