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Empress Lilly

The classic riverboat docked along the shore at Downtown Disney--the ultimate Disney location for the posh dining at Walt Disney World. Today it's home to Fulton's Crab House, and


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MV Puyallup


MV Puyallup is a Jumbo Mark II Class ferry operated by Washington State Ferries. This ferry, along with her two sisters, are the largest in the fleet.  The MV Puyallup has elevator access from both auto deck levels to all of the passenger cabin areas.  The main passenger deck also has vending and newspaper machines and a galley.  This vessel is equipped with our visual paging system.

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Delta Queen

The legendary National Historic Landmark Delta Queen has been at home on the Mississippi River system since 1947. Lovingly preserved and maintained, she's an echo from the Great Steamboat Era. The Delta Queen was bought and went through the Panama Canal to the Mississippi in the late 1940s.

delta queen
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Natchez steamboat was a speed record holder and never lost a race before competing against the Robert E. Lee in 1870 in a race that was widely regarded as the race of the century. 
Most of the riverboat gamblers had put their money on the Natchez.

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Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee is the record-setting winner of the Great Steamboat Race of 1870. Newspapers of the day reckoned that millions of dollars were wagered on the outcome of the New Orleans- to-St. Louis race, which attracted international attention. The Lee’s three-day, 18-hour, and 14-minute victory was an upset for the favored title holder, the Natchez.   

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Rio Negro Queen
An Amazon 5-star floating hotel

Rio Negro Queen was designed to cruise all Brazil's Amazon in style and comfort. Explore the best of the Amazon Rainforest, Rivers, Fauna, and Flora on this luxury yacht and enjoy Michelin-starred chef Rolan Villard's creation. 

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Island Queen
side wheeler



The Coney Island Steamer "Island Queen" measured 285 feet long, 45 feet six inches wide. The two side wheels were 30 feet in diameter. The 1,000 horse power steam engines were supplied by the Charles Barnes Machinery Company, located in Cincinnati. The boat had six boilers and could accommodate 4,000 people.


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Elizabeth River Ferry IV


Hampton Roads Transit operates three 150-passenger ferries on the Elizabeth River between Norfolk and Portsmouth.   These ferries are fast yet economical.  They offer a great view of the river and the waterfront scenery.  One more ferry will be added soon and her model is being built here by Model Ship Master.

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Mississippi III steamboat

Steamer Mississippi III was a sternwheel, steam driven boat that was built at Jeffersonville, Indiana in 1927. The boat was used for inspecting and surveying along rivers until April 1961 when the USACE decommissioned it at Memphis, Tennessee.  She was the last steamboat built by the Howard Co. in 1928.


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Emma Giles

The Emma Giles was the best known and most popular sidewheel passenger steamer that operated out of Baltimore, Maryland.  Her route was from Baltimore, Maryland to points on the Chesapeake Bay including Annapolis, Maryland, Tolchester Beach, Maryland, West River, Maryland, Port Deposit, Maryland. 


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Clermont Steamboat
An American Icon


On Aug. 17, 1807,
from the shoreline of the Hudson River, spectators witnessed a shocking sight.  There in the river was a mechanical monster spewing flames and smoke.  It was 'Mr. Fulton's Folly'! The Clermont traveled the Hudson at an astonishing five miles per hour.

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Morning Star


"These White people from Michigan were bold enough to have Blacks as crew eating and sleeping on the same boat...  Morning Star has been instrumental in sowing the seeds of truth in many hearts."

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SDS 11
hopper Barge scale model ship

This model barge was ordered by Gunderson Marine LLC in Oregon, USA in March, 2018 to serve as a special gift.  Construction commenced on March 14 and ended 34 days later.  It was one of our fastest construction time.  Several craftsmen worked overtime in the last week to ensure the model delivered for the launch ceremony on April 21.  

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Orange ferry


Shortly after 5 P.M. on the day of the opening of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, the Dutchess and the Orange met at mid-river, signaled a final salute and formally retired the Newburgh-Beacon ferry into history after 220 years.  For $2 drivers crossed the Hudson on the ferry for the last time. 

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SS Canadiana


The SS Canadiana was a passenger ferry that primarily operated between Buffalo, New York and the Crystal Beach Amusement Park at Crystal Beach, Ontario, Canada from 1910 to 1956. The Canadiana was also noted for being the last passenger vessel to be built in Buffalo, New York. 

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MV Baragoola

Baragoola was the most popular Manly ferry, this was evidenced by the massive turnout for her farewell trip in 1983 when she was so loaded that passengers where on the top wheelhouse deck (normally not allowed.)  She was known by her masters as an excellent ocean-going vessel.

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Fort Hindman


Fort Hindman was a side wheel steamer purchased in March 1863.  The original James Thompson was converted into a river gunboat by the addition of timber bulwarks and thin iron plate: a style of warship commonly referred to as a "tinclad". She joined the Mississippi Squadron in April 1863 and renamed Fort Hindman.  The USS Fort Hindman was designed to patrol in shallow waters and small tributaries where heavier ironclads could not enter. 

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City of Key West
paddle steamer

In 1898 the Florida East Coast Steam Ship Company bought the City of Richmond steam boat and renamed her City of Key West.  The elegant steamer was put into service between the then southern most extent of Flaglers Railroad at the mouth of the Miami river and the City of Key West. 

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Queen  of the West

Renovation in 2011 gave on Queen of the West meticulous care and attention to detail of the newly designed and custom built furniture, larger staterooms and more private balconies. 120-passenger capacity promises exceptional camaraderie among passengers as well as the wonderful personalized service of American Cruise Lines along the Columbia and Snake rivers in the Pacific Northwest.  Please click to
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Delta King

The Delta King was called the million dollar boat.  It was constructed from 1924 to 1927 on the River Clyde at the Isherwood Yard in Glasgow, Scotland.  Both Delta King and Delta Queen run for the California Transportation Company of San Francisco on the so called "Delta Route", the Sacramtento - San Joaquin River Delta, which gave them their names.  Please click to
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