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Having a hard time finding a unique gift for a special person? 

Desiring to impress someone at work with an unusual gift?  

Wanting to give a gift that will overwhelm the mind and stay in the heart of the important person in your life? 

This Web page is a good place to start.  The following ship models are in perfect condition, ready to be presented to the special persons.   The only reason that they are up for grabs at such low prices (most are below costs) is that we have more than one unit of each in stock and since 2014 we have given highest priority to commissioned models and the ones that are more than $3,000.  As we need to find more space  for those models in our small 720-square-foot workplace/warehouse, these must go.  Please click on the name of the ship for more information.  No needs to email or call for stock status as we take them down immediately after an order.  Once these're gone, they're gone forever.  

     Name Special price  No. of units available
at this price
Viking Ship, 34" long gone gone
Gothenburg, 42" Please email for price 1
USS Constellation, 36"  Please email for price 1
Fair American, 28" Please email for price gone
Baltimore clipper VIGILANT, 35" Please email for price gone
John Ericsson, 37" Please email for price 1
Calypso, 38" gone gone
Enterprise J-yacht, 40" Please email for price 2
Chris Craft Racer, 29" gone gone
Dixie II, 39.5" gone gone
USS Kidd, 40" Please email for price 1
Roman Merchantman, 24" Please email for price 1
Kon Tiki, 24" Please email for price 1
Egyptian Transport, 24" Please email for price 2
Rameses III's Galere, 30" Please email for price 1
RMS Titanic, 36" gone gone
Treasure Boat, 36" Please email for price 1
Troy (in the movie Troy), 36" Please email for price 1