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The US Coast Guard plays a critical role in the well being of the US citizens yet few could appreciate the service enough.

The Coast Guard is the lead federal agency protecting our Nation’s maritime critical infrastructure and maritime transportation system. More than 90 percent of the world’s goods and over $4 trillion of economic activity is supported by networked domestic and global maritime supply chain.

Coast Guard ships protect our homeland by severing the finance of criminal networks by interdicting drugs where they are most vulnerable – at sea.

The United States is one of eight Arctic nations, and the Coast Guard is the lead service asserting national security interests in this region where our sovereignty extends beyond our traditional 200 nautical mile EEZ and into our Extended Continental Shelf (ECS). Receding Arctic sea ice exposed the sea bed to exploration and extraction of vast natural resources.

With all those important tasks, yet the Coast Guard is in an unwell state. Urgent threats from China and Russia force the US government to direct more resources to the Navy and Marine Corps. The Coast Guard is the only armed service funded below Budget Control Act levels.

The Coast Guard must be ready to protect American security and economic interests wherever called. With some cutters exceeding 50 years of service, the Coast Guard must be upgraded to meet daily challenges and remain prepared for major contingencies. Acquiring National Security and Fast Response Cutters; beginning production of Offshore Patrol Cutters, and constructing heavy icebreakers are crucial to national and homeland security.

The Coast Guard needs three heavy and three medium icebreakers to ensure national year-round access to the polar regions and to provide self-rescue capability. Russia's militarization of the Arctic region and ECS claims are on the rise. While America only has one heavy icebreaker, Russia has two operational with four more in refit. In 2016, Russia launched the most powerful icebreaker in the world--the heavy nuclear icebreakers Arktika. The ship is monsterous, weighing in at around 33,000 tons, more than three times that of the USCGC Polar Star.

To support the Coast Guard, will put extra effort in helping the agency gain more public's interest by presenting absorbing facts and stories about each type of its cutters as well as the special ships. One of our main tasks is to build the most accurate models of the cutters. Although we by far the best makers of model ships, we always appreciate the help from members of the service and ship builders. Thank you for your support and patronage that continue to help us make astounding models. Please send us an email anytime, at

PS: great news! on April 23, 2019, the Coast Guard and U.S. Navy awarded VT Halter Marine a contract for the design and construction of the lead Polar Security Cutter. Construction on the first ship is planned to begin in 2021 with delivery planned for 2024. The contract includes financial incentives for earlier delivery!

When you are choosing a reputable builder for your favorite Coast Guard model, look for large photos showing details to verify if a model is worth the title "museum quality" as wildly claimed by some. Also spend some time looking at photos of the real ship to see if that model lacks many details. Remember that a model that looks good from afar but might disappoint big time when held in your hands (the two-foot test.)

Click to read's guarantee on the most accurate Coast Guard models in the world by a far margin: things to consider before purchasing a ship model.  

USCGC Polar Star
coast guard model

The only heavy icebreaker in the US fleet.

Click on the photo for more information

Icebreaker Healy
Coast Guard model

The United States' largest and most technologically advanced icebreaker.

Click on the photo for more information

Icebreaker coast guard model USCGC Westwind

Click on the photo for more information



Click on the photo for more information



A model of the largest vessel ever operated by the US Coast Guard.

Click on the photo for more information


Legend-class maritime security cutter model

Also known as the National Security Cutter is the largest active patrol cutter class of the United States Coast Guard.

A difficult model and only our team can tackle it accurately.

Sentinel-class cutter

Features a bow thruster for manoeuvering in narrow anchorages and channels.


Reliance-class cutter

Designed specifically to meet the needs of open ocean search and rescue work. The 210' cutters feature a high degree of crew habitability.


Famous-class cutter model

The only medium endurance cutters in the Coast Guard equipped with a helicopter hanger which can accommodate either a HH-65 Dolphin or HH-60J Jayhawk.

Coast Guard 36500 model

The CG 36500 is famous for the rescue of 32 men from the tanker SS Pendleton.

Coast Guard Small II

The Response boat - Small II was designed to operate year-round in waters along coastal borders. The boat has a range of 150 nautical miles at cruising speed and a maximum Speed of 40 knots.

Island class patrol boats

The 110-ft Island-class patrol boats are a US Coast Guard modification of a highly successful British-designed Vosper Thornycroft patrol boat.

Juniper class buoy tender

At 225 feet and 2,000 tons, she was the first cutter to fully leverage and implement many technological advances.

87-foot Marine Protector class


Hamilton-class cutter model

Designed and built during the Cold War, equipped with the capability to find, track and destroy enemy submarines, the Hamilton-class cutters commonly deployed with Carrier Battle Groups.  



Coast Guard Eagle

When it comes to tall ship models, nobody in the USA comes close to our accuracy and beauty.
Let us build this Coast Guard model ship for you.

Learn more about Coast Guard vessels in order to choose the right builder of your models here: