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In general, we charge about $1,500 for the labor and electronics for a medium size model boat (about 3' long.)  Labor includes making  the boat model waterproof,  installing RC hardware and electronics, and testing the model on water. RC parts include motors, propellers, shafts, ESC...  Radio system (transmitter and receiver) is not included because you might have had that already.A radio system for basic RC function (going forward/backward and turn) is $100.

Models that have special features such as smoke and sound are about $700 extra.  Again, this price does not include the radio system as many RC enthusiasts already have one that can be used on many models. A transmitter that is preprogrammed to work with an advanced RC ship model is about $200-$400, depending on the number of RC functions.

If you know to install RC parts, we can make the model "RC ready" for you. This means making it waterproof and installing working propellers and shafts and rudders.  

Those of you who are new in the field of remote control boat and concerned about possible future breakdown, don't worry.  The RC area is highly accessible, and replacing RC parts is relatively easy. Within 1 months of purchase, in an unlikely event that a part (motor, ESC...) is not working, we'll send you the part for free.  Again, changing them is easy, and we always give instruction and support. After the warranty lapses, you can buy parts either from us or at any hobby stores. A motor, for example, is about $50.  Battery: $40...  Not expensive at all. The only thing that is a little expensive is the transmitter but those last virtually forever. 

And here are some samples of RC ships we have built (Please click on the name for more info):

Remote control RMS Lusitania model, with smoke and sound


Remote control Delta Queen riverboat

Tugboat for harbor training purposes

Remote control motorboat Fleming 55

Dixie II, with special rudder mechanism (available)

Steamboat model tug

Steam-powered tugboat

Drillship SERTAO

N scale remote control crane

Jacques-Yves Cousteau's Calypso

MS Oasis of the Seas

USS North Dakota Submarine

USS Dallas SSN-700

HMCS Huron

SS United States

USS Ticonderoga (available)

RC ready battleship USS Arizona

N scale container ship Maersk Alabama

Large Typhoon Submarine (available)

Small Typhoon Submarine (available)

Ro Ro ship

RC Tugboat

RC Queen Mary

Research vessel PRINCE MADOG

Massive anchor system and Well deck gate

80" long Chris Craft Barrel Back Triple Cockpit

CSS Teaser 

Batman's Boat (Batboat) (available)


To get a quote, please copy the following form onto your email, complete it, and send it to services@modelshipmaster.comPLEASE DO NOT CALL FOR QUOTES, AS WE WILL HAVE TO REDIRECT YOU TO COMPLETE THE FORM.  IF YOU LEAVE A MESSAGE, WE WILL NOT CALL BACK.  EFFICIENCY IS OUR MOST OBSERVED VALUE AND PLEASE HELP US TO ACHIEVE THAT. 

If you don't know how to copy and paste the form below to your email, just send us an email and we'll email you the form.


1/ Name and type of the vessel. Please attach some photos or links:

2/ Your relationship with this vessel:

3/ Optimal size range in length:

Note that in order to accommodate RC components, a RC model should be relatively large.  Those with wide hull such as tugboats, riverboats... should be at least 24" (61cm) long; narrow hulls such as those of ocean liners should be at least 40" (1 meter) long.

4/ What is the purpose for this model (Sale presentation, trade show, business or home display, gift...)

5/ What do you have?
        Very detailed construction plans  
        Fairly detailed plans  
        Photos showing many angles of the real vessel
        Not much, ModelShipMaster will take care of it

6/ How fast do you want it to be completed: PLEASE SEE UPDATES: LEAD TIME
       Two months (rush), $6,000 minimum. Click here for a sample: rush order
       Three-four months (smaller models only)
       Five-six months
       Seven months to one year (for museum-grade and remote control models)
       Maximum of 18 months
7/ Cost should be in the range of (the higher the price, the better the product):

  $2,500-$3,500 (This is the starting price that we accept for custom orders. Regardless of sizes.)
  Over $10,000        

8/ If you own a model, what is its quality? Do you know who made it?

9/ Special Note:


- We will reply within three business days to inform you if we accept your commission or not (constraints in cost, time, information, and 'good feeling' factor.) It will help a great deal if you include as much info about your vessel as possible. Photos, records...

- Unless marked 'rush', all commissioned models will have to wait one or two months to reach the construction table. So progress photos are not available until third month. This wait time can be longer depending on how busy we are. See updates here: LEAD TIME



If you are a private model boat builder (not commercial, as we only make parts for fellow craftsmen) and want us to custom build some RC parts (virtually anything imaginable except motors), we will try to find the time to do it for you. Some of the popular items are listed below:

- Props (exact scale, type, ship's type)
- Couplings and shafts
- Bow thrusters
- Azimuths/Azipods
- Smoke generators in different configurations
- Gearboxes- with drive belts or with simple gears.
- Sound generators, mixers, channel expander for RC systems, different types of switches.

We at Model Ship Master is honest hardworking artisan, not businessmen or skilful communicators who can make good money using capital or verbal persuasion. So if you find that our price is surprisingly low for a true nautical art piece, please help us live a little better with a small donation.  Thank You.

Below is some samples of our RC work:




Following is a list of ships that are on our construction tables.   Please visit our site often to enjoy progress photos.