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QUEEN MARY 2 ship model


  Did You Know?

Comparable to a structure as tall as a 21-story building, Queen Mary 2  is over four city blocks in length!

Queen Mary 2ís power plant produces sufficient electricity to light a city the size of Southampton with a population of 200,000.

Queen Mary 2  is the only ship that can boast a planetarium.

Queen Mary 2 ís whistle is audible for ten miles and was originally on Queen Mary.

Artists representing 128 countries have been commissioned to provide more than $5 million worth of art for Queen Mary 2.

There are one thousand, two hundred and fifty three officers and crew onboard QM2.

At the time of her construction, Queen Mary 2 was the longest, widest, and tallest passenger ship ever built, and with her gross tonnage of 148,528 also the largest. She was the first major ocean liner built since Queen Elizabeth 2 in 1969, the vessel she succeeded as flagship of the Cunard Line.

Queen Mary 2 was intended to routinely cross the Atlantic Ocean, and was therefore designed differently from many other passenger ships. Expenses were increased by the high quality of materials, and having been designed as an ocean liner, she required 40% more steel than a standard cruise ship.  The ship's cost was approximately $300,000 per berth, nearly double that of many contemporary cruise ships.  

Queen Mary 2  is also much faster than a contemporary cruise ship.  Instead of the diesel-electric configuration found on many ships, Queen Mary 2 uses integrated electric propulsion in order to achieve her top speed.  She has a maximum speed of over 30 knots and a cruising speed of 26 knots!

Queen Mary 2 has fifteen restaurants and bars, five swimming pools, a casino, a ballroom, a theatre, and the first planetarium at sea. There are also kennels and a nursery on board!



This Queen Mary 2 model has the following qualities:

- Scratch built from official plans

- Superior hollow hull (VERY IMPORTANT), allowing a 64" model to weight less than 20 lbs  (A solid hull of this model would be over 80 lbs and would need 2 people to carry and a fortified table to accommodate.)

- The hollow superstructure is comprised of
hundred of individual thin pieces of wood glued together, not several solid pieces stacking on top one another.

- Windows are cutouts (not black decals), thanks to the hollow structures.

-  No computer-printed paper deck.

- >95% of parts are wood and metal

40" long x 11" tall x 7" wide (including base)   $2,700  S & H is $90   Out of stock

50" long x 13" tall x 7" wide   $3,900  S & H is $90   Out of stock

64" long  x 17" tall x 9" wide  $6,500    S & H is $220    Out of stock  queen mary 2

Add light feature to one of the above model:  $200        

For display case, please click here:
Model Ship Display Case


"Despite the carelessness by someone let's end on a positive note: QM2 is MSM at its very best. You can't get any better than this model. It's flawless in execution, the centerpiece for anybody who has a passion for the great ocean liners of the past and present. Which is to say that it is a masterpiece. I have been a client since a year after MSM started selling models on the Internet, and over those years MSM exhibited a commitment to increasing both quality and accuracy.  Well Done!
I am now retiring from collecting. QM2 is my last model. Can't think of a better way to end it.  Will miss MSM. Its been a seven, almost  8 year journey. Regards Sebastian"

"She is indeed beautiful! Excellent workmanship. Congratulations to you and your team for such splendid models. Kindest regards, Doug"