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Boat models are shipped not later than five business days after payments are cleared.  Delivery to the East Coast and international destinations takes about a week.   If you must have your boat model shipped sooner, please leave a note in the checkout process and we'll ship it within 48 hrs.   

Note that all model ships are in stock unless otherwise noted "sold out" on their pages.   Also note that the dimensions, particularly the height of a model might vary, as bases' and pedestals'  heights might be different.   In other words, the ship models have accurate dimensions but the bases might add or take away some inches.

Packing a ship model is not simple.  As you see in the photos below, the crate must be very strong and sturdy.  The ship model inside is tied down with many bungee cords and cushioned with wooden bars and foam blocks to block it from moving sideways and upwards.  This type of safe packaging takes up to 10 labor hrs.   Below is the shipping rate:

North America shipping rate:
1/ Within the lower 48 states:

  Size Cost
  Extra large models (i.e. 6 feet long ship model) $220
  Large models (i.e. tall ships) $150
  Medium-sized models (i.e. ocean liners) $90
  Small-sized models (i.e. classic boats) $70




2/Two-day delivery: rate x 2.  For example, a model that costs $90 to ship will cost $180 to ship express. 

2/ Canada, Hawaii, Alaska: rate x 2.  For example, a model that costs $90 to ship within lower states will cost $180 to ship to Canada and Hawaii. 

International shipping rate:

1/ To your door in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and South America: rate x 2.5.  For example, a model that costs $90 to ship within the USA will cost $240 to ship to your door in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and South America.

2/ To your door in Australia and Asia: rate x 3.5.  For example, a model that costs $90 to ship within the USA will cost $315 to ship to your door in Australia and Asia.

● Shipping cost will be added in the beginning of the purchase process.

● Shipped insured and with tracking numbers. 

● Shipped from California, USA.

● We usually need 2 days to build the model's shipping crate. 

● No "free shipping": Free shipping is only from companies that make big profits on their products.  We are hardworking artisans who don't make that kind of profit. 

We also accept jobs to build crates for the most odd-shaped art pieces.  We charge only two third of what specialized art movers do but will do a better job as model ships have the oddest shapes and we are extremely successful at packing them. 









"...Almost equally amazing was the craftsmanship of the shipping crate. I have to admit, I was a bit worried about how such a large, detailed and delicate model would survive the transport but your custom fitted crate supported and protected it perfectly. I did manage to break 2 of the delicate chains in the bow rigging as I removed some packing tape. My fault, but I am sure I can fix it myself. Would it be possible for you to send me about a foot of chain?  Thank you for everything and feel free to post this if you like, Terry"


"Just to let you guys know that my U99 arrived safe and sound.  Loved the model and I look forward to the Bismark when it finally gets here. Can I say that the packaging was truely professional and so finely put together. You have a great little carpenter there.  Can I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous [2014] new year.
Best wishes, Lorne. N"


"Trireme is of micro-museum detail quality... better than expected, arrived timely, undamaged, packaged like the Crown Jewels.  Heartily recommend your products.  Alex Texas."


"I just wanted you to know that both ships arrived in perfect condition along with the cases. They are magnificent! I cannot believe the detail and workmanship. You and your staff are to be commended!  Thank you again and again!  Eric"


"The Hartford arrived yesterday: FANTASTIC piece of art!!! I really liked the way it was crated – amazing. I took the crate apart screw by screw, and the only mishap I had was that I busted the life boat hanger on one side when I pulled the blue tape off, but I think I will be able to repair. Looks great on the mantel. I will be in the market for another one of your ships very soon. Thanks for the excellent work!  Mike R."


"I just received the three models, arrived today.  You guys are very professional, and the models come nicely packed, with minor flaws, but I will fix them, no problem.  Thanks. Eduardo"


"Kudos to your God of crating.  He did a 4.0 job strong enough to withstand the bad handling this end.  He deserves a Christmas bonus! Michael Thomas."


"Dear Frank,
The Bismarck arrived and it is beautiful! Really nice work - as far as I have seen because I didn't want to competely unpack it. It is so perfectly and carefully packed so I will keep it like that for our upcoming move to Europe. Thank you again very much for your friendly help and perfect customer service! Best regards, Mathias"


"Just to let you know SS United States model and display case arrived safe and sound. Beautifully packaged. I think it could have withstood a direct nuclear strike. Interestingly flew over the real SS United States rusting in Philadelphia same day I got home to put the model into its display case. Such a pity to see such a great, beautiful ship deteriorate. I sailed her 4 times and on her sister ship SS America twice.
Allan Hamilton"


"QAR arrived safely today.  I must say, that was a well crated & packed shipment -- nary a scratch as far as I can tell.  Thank you very much.  I'm very pleased with the ship - well worth the wait.
Thanks, John Harrington"


"Received my model of the Normandie well on schedule as you complied. The model was received in very good condition due to the way it was packed. The model is an excellent copy of the ship itself. I have checked other makers on the internet and could only find one that met your standards, but at a very much higher cost. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and my dealings with your company.  John Earl Coleman."


"Model Ship Masters,
I received by commissioned model of the White Star Liner - SS Canopic this morning.  I have not completely unpacked it yet but from what I see so far it is absolutely spectacular.  I am very please and impressed with the accuracy, attention to detail, superior packing, etc.  Please give my compliments to the builder or builders of this fine model - the only known model the SS Canopic in the world.  I will not hesitate to have Model Ship Masters build my next custom model!
Sincerely, Jason J. Diogo, M.D."


"Hi Frank,
The Ship arrived yesterday safe & sound! Quite a crate ! It took me a while to uncrate it.
I am impressed, and am finding much more detail than I expected...Thanks to all!
P.S. I could not find any flags.  If you could send some along it would be appreciated.
Emery Taylor"


"Last Friday I received San Francisco II , delivered to my door, The packing was very good and the vessel in excellent condition.

It  is a very nice model a real beauty.

I am interested in purchasing the schooner “Vigilant” of St. Croix and having it sent to my door in Brazil just like the San Francisco II.  Would you happen to know when you can deliver it ?  I am leaving for Denmark next months.  If delivery time is more than 3 – 4 weeks I will consider having it sent to Denmark.

Brgds, Capt. Soeren"


"The Victory arrived safe and sound.

I am quite impressed with the model - both the quality and the level of detail. It is beautiful and will have a place of pride in our home as a real work of art.

Also impressive was the quality of the packing with the crate constructed around the model. I will keep the crate for inevitable future moves.

Thanks again for the beautiful addition to our home.
Dr. Bruce Evans"


the normandie arrived last week and the more i look at it the more i like it. thanks for doing a great job building it and the care to which you gave in packing it! i want to order the Queen Elizabeth for 1 December. do you anticipate any problems with it being available at that time? If so, I would like to ask you to hold it for me until i make my order at the beginning of December.
thank you,
david shields"



"Dear Frank
Finally Reina del Mar is at home in Santiago, after a long trip.  I have to congratulate you for the outstanding packaging which allowed the model to arrive without a scratch. I am also amzed of your transport and post service that, in the middle of Christmas managed to deliver this big box in my hotel in NY.  All this only encourages me to do more things with you during 2010, God
willing. I think the MOSHULU would be a good one.  By the way, I loved your Reina
del Mar replica.
Have a happy Christmas


"The parcel has arrived thank you very much, a very good and quick service. In the attach. you will see some photos of the box which was wet at the corner.  The cardboard box is a little bit "battered" because of that. I opened the top only and it looks ok, (the Liner looks great). I don't want to take it out now because  it is a present for the 21 of august. But it's been very well and secure boxed so it is not damaged.  Thank you again Regards, Konrad [from Australia]."


"Dear Frank,
I received both models Franc and Normandie without dammage. They are absolutely fabulous. Bravo to all the MSM team and I am very happy.
Regards, Philippe Boussand"