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The CSS Virginia was constructed from the partly burned U.S. steam frigate Merrimack at Gosport Navy Yard.  She entered dock on 30 May 1861 and left dock and attacked the Federal squadron in Hampton Roads on 8 March 1862, engaged the Monitor on 9 March 1862.  When the Navy Yard was evacuated by the Confederate forces, the VIRGINIA was found to be too deep for navigation in the James River and to avoid capture was destroyed by her own crew off Craney Island on 11 May 1862.  She was raised 30 May 1876 and broken up.  


This CSS Virginia ironclad ship model
was built with the help of a very knowledgeable civil war author.   Originally commissioned by the Civil War Museum of Texas, this exemplified model probably has  only one peer which is currently exhibited in the Mariner's Museum in Virginia.   It features:

46" long  x 9" wide x  12" tall        $1,900  S&H is $150


For display case, please click here: Model Ship Display Case

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"Good morning gentlemen from Covington Washington. I have just looked at the photos provided, and have completed the purchase of this model of the CSS Virginia. I am thrilled at what you have created! What a model! I am very, very pleased! I have chosen express delivery, and I look forward not only to receiving this model, but with doing business with your company again. Count  on it! Very sincerely,  John O."...
"Your company makes extremely fine and great quality models-I would love to have one of this boat [German S-100 torpedo boat] for my collection. John O"