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HMCS Haida was a Canadian tribal class warship.  She was launched in the UK and served in the Royal Canadian Navy from 1943-1963.   Crewed by 18 officers and 230 men, she distinguished herself as Canada's most active warship by sinking no fewer than nine German ships in the period from April to September 1944. She was also involved in numerous other actions resulting in German shipping losses such as the Battle of North Cape in December 1943. 

The Haida was converted to a destroyer-escort in 1951-52 and then saw two tours of duty in Korea. From 1954, she participated in numerous NATO and UN activities during the Cold War.

Decommissioned in 1963 and saved by private citizens, HMCS Haida was brought to the Toronto waterfront and became an attraction at Ontario Place. In 2002, she was acquired and repaired by Parks Canada, refurbished and moved to Hamilton harbor where she is open to the public. She has been called Canada's most famous warship.

After WWII, of more than 300 ships that comprised the Royal Canadian Navy during Wold War II, only HMCS Haida and two other ships remain.  In the Korean War, among 8 ships that participated, only HMCS Haida survived.

We offer this primarily wood model of the Canadian Haida destroyer in two configurations:

47" L x 19" T x 5" W  Camouflage paint $3,500  shipping and insurance in the US included. Other countries: $400 flat rate.

47" L x 19" T x 5" W   Regular paint $2,900   shipping and insurance in the US included. Other countries: $400 flat rate.

These models are in stock and can be shipped within five business days. A wooden base is included.