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The largest container ship docked in the U.S.A.

Named after one of the Founding Fathers of the US, Benjamin Franklin was delivered to its owner in December 2015. The CMA CGM container ship was officially launched and christened at Long Beach port in California in February 2016, and became the biggest container ship ever to call the US port. The arrival at the Port of Long Beach marked the first time a ship of this size had been used in North America.

CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin is an Explorer-class container ship. It is 18,000 TEU and about a third larger than the biggest container ships that typically visit the deep water ports of southern California. The vessel’s maximum load capacity is up to 18,000 containers, including 1,500 reefer containers, representing the volume of 235 Olympic pools of approximately 590,000m³. The massive container ship requires a crew of 26 to operate.

CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin's power is as powerful as 900 Ford Focus cars combined and has a thrust of 21kt, which is equivalent to that of 11 Boeing 747-400 engines. The main engine is fitted with an exhaust bypass system for slow-steaming and improves energy efficiency at low loads, thus reducing the fuel consumption.

CMA CGM container ship’s optimized hull design improves the vessel’s propulsion in the water. The ship’s layout allows positioning of fuel tanks below the castle. The double hull design protects the fuel tanks.

CMA's design features a unique higher castle located at its front, enabling it to optimize the space while providing improved visibility from the bridge and a better torsion resistance (Torsion is caused by forces which do not pass through the sheer center line axis of a ship’s hull cross section. Torsion basically tends to twist the vessel just like how we rinse a cloth by twisting it.)

The twisted leading-edge rudder technology improves the container ship's hydrodynamics, and reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The CMA container ship is equipped with an ballast water treatment system which directly treats the ballast water when it is pumped into the vessel and again during ballasting operations. The treated water is then UV-filtered to completely remove any living organisms, preventing any foreign organisms, which in general are present in the ballast water, to enter the sea, thus protecting the marine environment.

This primarily wood CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin container ship model features:

- Plank-on-frame hull. This construction method gives accurate hulls, as artisans create the frame of the hull exactly like in drawings. The solid hull method, on the other hand, employs most guesswork on the degree of curvature.

- Windows are cutouts (not black decals or painted indentation) which are clean, uniform, and aligned. We are not shy to show the model in large photos. Nothing to hide!

45" long x 10" tall x 7" wide  $3,900  Shipping and insurance in the USA included. Other countries $400 flat rate. built per commission only. We require only a small deposit to start the process (not full amount, not even half) $500   The remaining balance won't be due until the model is completed, in several months.

Learn more about the Benjamin Franklin container ship here:

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