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Cigar Ship 1865

The Walter S. Winans was built in Le Havre in 1865.  It was about 72 feet long and nine in diameter, and displaced 33 tons.   This experimental boat had a complex system of propellers and a mechanism for driving them in various combinations.  It made a number of trial runs and ended up at Southampton with the Ross Winans. 

A Scientific American article repeats a Manchester Guardian account of yacht's channel crossing with seven passengers from Havre to Newhaven on 28 Mar 1866.  The article mentions a single submerged, three-bladed aft propeller with a diameter of four feet, ten inches.  It carried a full load of coal and was submerged to just below the centerline.  The account described how well the boat was handled in a heavy sea. 

This cigar ship was the most successful ship design of Ross Winans.



This Ross Winans' Cigar Ship model features:

- Superior hollow hull construction (very important).
- All parts are wood and metal. 

- Light "rusted"  appearance that only master modelers can make.

 57" long X 20" tall x 11" wide   We built this model for a museum and took advantage
 of economy of scale to make the another one.  Thus this one came at an
irresistible price of only
$1,700    S & H is $150