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Jacques-Yves Cousteau's ocean exploration ship model



The following model depicts the Calypso in 1986, after an extensive refit.  The big bowl radar plus the other radar on the mast and some more details were added/changed


A great article from the Associated Press dated July 15, 1986:

Calypso Is Preparing To Resume Voyage

MIAMI, July 14 After extensive refurbishing, the yacht Calypso is preparing to re-embark on her five-year around-the-world excursion to study the relationships between the world's water systems and its people.

Jacques Yves Cousteau, the vessel's 76-year-old captain, said the Calypso is to leave Miami in about three weeks, then pass through the Panama Canal and head for the South Pacific, where she is to visit Cocos Island, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia and New Guinea.

The ship is also to tour Southeast Asia.

''She's an old ship, but she's a darling,'' Mr. Cousteau said of the 44-year-old vessel. ''Now it's really a new ship.''  The Calypso has spent six months here being renovated.

Dismissing questions of age, Mr. Cousteau said he would continue to participate in undersea exploration.

''As long as I'm in good health, why should I stop?'' he said.

A brief description of this 38" long, multiple RC function, museum quality model of the Calypso:
- Diesel engine sound generator proportional with the engine speed forward and reverse.
- Working anchor
- Smoke
- Working light: Underwater lights fitted inside the bow, cabin light, mast lights, lights inside the hull.
- Working crane, proportional controls in rotating and up/down the hook.
- Working lights inside the mini submarine, which are automatically ON when the submarine is picked by the crane.  When it is placed back on deck the lights will automatically turn OFF.
- Helicopter's blades (both, on the main rotor and the back ones) work from the remote.  The turning speed is so high that the helicopter can almost take off .
- Working watercool pump from remote.


Note that our model is not built from a popular kit which is not up to our museum quality standard.  Here're what we differ from that kit:
- Our hull is wooden, plank-on-frame.
- Our model "nose" on the hull is taller and of different shape.
- On our model, the aft end of the superstructure on the main deck are not symmetrical on port and starboard.
- The number of doors and their position on our model are correct.
- Our portholes positions are correct.
- The kit cranes are completely wrong.  The kit manufacture used cranes that they are also in Zwarte Zee kit, with only minor modifications.

- Kit's anchor winch has absolutely no details.
- The bilge keel on the hull is too short and it starts too far aft.
- The rail stanchions used in the kit are mass produced for all their kits and not correct in shape and height.


"Thank you for all the instructions. Got the heli working and it is almost ready to fly. It is amazing how in a small space like the submarine your folks were able to fit all that electronics to include charging leads.  The sub lights look very cool, and works great. I did remove the anchor capstain as you suggested, and as you said it is easy access to the anchor chain. the neutral point is very sensitive it has to be spot on to stop the movement. I don't think ill be playing too much with the anchor. Kudos to your team for a fantastic beautiful ship that not only looks outstanding but is a work of art electronically. One push button and a whole lot of action is at my finger tips. It would be an understatement to say the Calypso was a hit with my family. My eldest son wants to take the Calypso to California with him. I told him "over my dead body".  Since he asked first I will make sure he gets it when I checkout of this planet.  My daughter wants the large HMS Victory.  She saw it first when I got it a few years ago from you. My second son is out of luck for now. I told him he mite be the lucky one when the Calypso II becomes a reality. So thank you very much for all this happiness. Frank can you make the ladder to the divers platform and the ladder to the mast and send them together with my Calypso Book? That would be great. Thank you very much."

"I took the Calypso to my local pond for the first time and I was very impressed with the scale speed and sound of the engine. Everything worked to perfection and looked fantastic. Thank you so much for not only making the Calypso so beautiful, but also very easy to operate with a top notch electronics package. I can imagine how cool the Calypso II will be with the turbosail and the voiht Schneider cycloidal props and working solar panel system.  Here are a few pictures of the Calypso with the ladder I built for the diving platform and the crew members that reported for duty onboard Calypso.

Best regards, Manuel"