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            DMITRY DONSKOY TK-208

                         A Typhoon class submarine

                                             Remote control model

Dmitry Donskoy was the first of the six submarines in the Typhoon class, was commissioned in 1981 and is still in active service with the Russian Navy.

The Dmitry Donskoy, with a submerged displacement of more than 48,000t, is the biggest submarine the world's ever seen.  It is large enough to accommodate decent living facilities for the crew for 120 days. 

Typhoon submarines are 574' long and 75.5' wide!  They are wider than any other submarines because of their multiple pressure hulls (similar to the WW2 Japanese I-404 Sen Toku Class submarines.) 

Typhoons' primary weapons system is twenty R-39 (NATO: SS-N-20) ballistic missiles with a maximum of ten MIRV nuclear warheads each.  It is also equipped with six 533mm (21in) torpedo tubes and type 53 torpedoes.  Typhoons are able to deploy their long-range nuclear missiles while moored at their docks.

The Dmitry Donskoy is powered by two nuclear water reactors, two 50,000hp steam turbines and four 3,200KW turbo generators.  She can sail at a astonished speeds of 22.2kt on the surface and 27kt submerged.




This model is being scratch built primarily of fiberglass and metal.   Very strong, very sturdy, and ready to run out of the box. 

This Typhoon's diving system is especially designed by ModelShipMaster for easy playing.   It will be far superior to the current conventional system that is also used in our USS North Dakota submarine

The model is equipped with a mud filter so that you can play in lakes.  Filter will clean the system automatically.  When it's full, and the pump is being commanded to pump water into the tank, the pump will run much harder than normal.  The sensor attached to the pump feels this and direct the pump to max pressure the water out (22bar.)  Everything inside the filter is purged!  

When the sub dives deep, control signal might be lost, and the included failsafe commands the pump to pump out water for the sub to surface.

Dimensions:  46" long (1/150 scale.)   A high-end, muti-channel radio is included.  With two independent propellers, this Typhoon model will be able to turn in a small pool.   We have only one model and if you are interested, send you bid to us at   Thank you.