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Built by Blohm + Voss, the 119m superyacht A is considered one of the finest yachts on the water. 

A is an unconventional vessel, with her upside down hull.  So unique that the $300 million superyacht has become the most talk-about object on the seas.  Since her completion in mid-2008, A has spawned a flotilla of copycats emulating its low-slung hull and design scheme. 

From the outside, this yacht is not statements of wealth and power. It "has elegance and intelligence, it is not trying to show the money.... but was designed to be in harmony with the sea and nature", said its designer Philippe Starck.

Not to show money but the sophisticated transom door in the rear of the yacht, which can open to become a beach club alone cost $25 million to build!  And bath knobs cost $40,000 apiece!

The yacht's two main landing boats are mini-yachts themselves, stretching to 36 feet, boasting plush interiors and costing more than $1 million each.

A is highly secure. Her rounded exterior and knife-like hull make it difficult for intruders to board.  Hostile boats can't even match her speed of 23 knots (roughly a third faster than most boats its size.)  Her 2,583-square-foot master suite has bomb-proof 44-milimeter glass.  Inside, a large bed sits on a giant platter that rotates with the press of a button.  Another set of buttons rotates the bed itself. The combination of the two rotating objects give limitless angles for watching the sunset, sunrise or the 60-inch plasma TV, which retracts from the ceiling.

The yacht's owner is Andrey Melnichenko, a 38-year-old banking, steel and fertilizer czar who has an estimated personal wealth of $12 billion in 2016.  A stands for both Andrey and Aleksandra, Mr. Melnichenko's supermodel wife.

Some yacht designers and brokers describe A as too futuristic and aggressive for the leisurely world of yachting. "Initially I was very skeptical," says Jonathan Beckett, chief executive of London-based Burgess, the world's largest yacht broker. "When you just see photos, it's a very strange-looking boat. But when I saw it cruising in the Caribbean this year, I have to say I was impressed. It's a very exciting boat to watch. It's simply unlike anything that's ever been done before."



This beautiful, museum-quality model "A" yacht is 33" long (83cm) x 14" tall x 5" wide.  It employs superior hollow hull construction technique.
                                       $3,500    plus $90 S&H