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Canopic was originally built in 1900 as Commonwealth for the Dominion Line. In 1903 Commonwealth was sold to the White Star Line and renamed Canopic.  The Canopic made her first White Star Line voyage on January 14, 1903 on the Liverpool to Boston service.

In 1904 Canopic was transferred to the New York to Mediterranean service.

From 1917 to 1919 Canopic operated under the Liner Requesition Scheme.

In February 1919, Canopic reverted back to White Star Line, and in July went to the New York to Mediterranean berth.

In 1922 Canopic replaced the Arabic on the Mediterranean route. On April 13, 1922 she made her first voyage on the Liverpool to Halifax to Boston route, then to the Montreal run for the summer.

On November 10, 1922 Canopic started on the Bremen to New York service.

In November 1923 she took over the Hamburg to New York route.

In September 1924 she was put on the Liverpool - Philadelphia - Portland, Maine to end her career.

In October 1924, Canopic was sold for breaking up and scrapped at Briton Ferry, South Wales.


Note that the photos above show a model that was built quite some time ago. It was our third-generation ocean liner model. When you order a new ocean liner model, it will be fifth-generation which started in 2018. Numerous examples of 5th-generation models can be found on our Web site such as the SS Bremen. Email us for sizes and prices.