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The "super J" that totally dominated the trials and America's cup races of 1937

After the 1934's loss against Rainbow, Thomas Sopwith returned in 1937 with Endeavour II which is leaner and meaner than her predecessor.  Nonetheless, she proved no match for the boat that was one of the America’s Cups all time greats.  Ranger clearly won all 4 races!

was the first America's Cup yacht developed through model testing in a towing tank. Tank tests results helped Ranger to depart sharply from conventional J boat practice.   She was revolutionary in design.  No boat had previously approached the maximum size practical for a rating of 76 under the modified Universal Rule as Ranger
did, thus the nickname "super J".

Ranger totally dominated the trials and Cup Races of 1937.  Of 37 starts she won 35. She was more refined in every aspect. Her afterguard under the season and canny Vanderbilt benefited hugely from the presence of Olin Stephens and his brother Rod, probably the finest racing seaman who ever crewed on a yacht.  Sail trimmer was Arthur Knapp, who later won thousands of races in all sorts of boats, and the navigator was Zenas Bliss of Brown University.  Mrs. Vanderbilt, an able sailor herself, was always a participant. 

Ranger's race in 1937 marked the end of an era — it was the last America's Cup contest for 21 years and marked the end of Big Class racing.  As war loomed J-Class racing and building drew to a close.  By 1946 all the American Js had been scrapped for war materials.

Endeavour and Shamrock V survived. They have been restored.  The impressive sight of these sexy and majestic yachts racing against each other was relived last year at the America’s Cup silver jubilee.  The last 20 years have seen a huge resurgence of interest in the J-Class.  There are plans afoot to build replica of Ranger.



This Ranger J-yacht model features:


- Beautiful woodworking

-Superior hollow hull construction (very important)

-All wooden and metal parts

18" (46 cm ) long x 26" tall   $1,300    S & H is $90   SOLD OUT

38" long x 57" tall x 7" wide  $1,900    S & H is $220