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submarine model

              Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

The Nautilus was described as "a masterpiece containing masterpieces." Electricity provided by sodium/mercury batteries (with the sodium provided by extraction from seawater) was the primary power source for propulsion. The Nautilus used floodable tanks in order to adjust buoyancy and so control its depth. The pumps that evacuate these tanks of water were so powerful that they produced large jets of water when the vessel emerged rapidly from the surface of the water. This led many early observers of the Nautilus to believe that the vessel was some species of whale, or perhaps a sea monster not yet known to science.

Much of the ship was decorated to standards of luxury that were unequalled in a seagoing vessel of the time. These included a library with boxed collections of valuable oceanic specimens that were unknown to science at the time, expensive paintings, and several collections of jewels. The Nautilus also featured a lavish dining room and even an organ that Captain Nemo used to entertain himself in the evening.


This Nautilus submarine model features:

- Hundreds of individual copper pieces joined one another nicely.  This is NOT computer-printed fake metal color paper.  Only the world's top craftsmen dare to tackle this demanding and extraordinarily task but non are willing to do it.

- Hollow hull construction (very important), weighing less than 20 lbs  (A solid hull of this model would be over 60 lbs, requiring 2 people to handle and a fortified table to accommodate.)

- >95% of parts are wood and metal

- The last photos were intentionally taken in the dark to show that if you have several spot lights on the model, it will glow in different areas, due to the angles and the real copper material.  We had only one source of light for those photos.


54" long x 10" wide x 15" tall       Email us for price




"I was looking around for the best possible deal on my lifetime dream Nautilus model and contacted several places that show pretty photos of their past customization models.  They all refused to build it, even thought I offered $xxxxx.  Thanks to Bing I found your site and have been happy ever since.  Here's my check of $500 for the super craftsman who made it... My cost is 1/2 of what I expected so I figured why not make more people happy.... Cheers, Gordon G."