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A French Chebec ship

In 1749 the commander of the French navy in Toulon decided to build four special speed ships. One of these four ships was the Indiscret, which was launched on 24 March 1751 with a crew of 300 men.

The naval museum in Paris has a contemporary model of the ship. It is covered with 22 photos and with extensive explanations in the book by Jean Boudriot, "Modeles Historiques, Musée de la Marine", A.N.C.R.E., Paris, 1997.

Indiscret had a narrow floor to achieve great speed, but with a considerable beam to carry and extensive sail plan. As it was very low-built, its decks were formed with a great convexity from the middle of their breadth towards the sides, in order to carry off the water more readily by their scuppers.

Indiscret could be navigated in three different methods according to the force or direction of the wind.



This scratch-built Indiscret model features:
- Superior hollow hull construction (very important)
- 95% parts are wooden or metal

29" long x 20" tall x 6" wide
     $1,900    S&H $90   SOLD


For display case, please click here: Model Ship Display Case