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USS CONSTITUTION tall ship model

"Once again, you have blown me away with the excellent detail on the USS Constitution. It is unbelievable how meticulous everything is done. And of course, the packing was perfect. Not even a broken string on the rigging. 

I'm at a loss for words to tell you how pleased I am. I sit there and see in my mind your sitting in front of the ship and doing all the tedious handwork.

Now I just have to decide what my next ship will be to add to my fleet!

Would we be able to negotiate a "Cursed" Black Pearl in the future? As it was in the movie? If so, let me know an approximate cost and how long it would take to complete. That might be my next request, if this is doable.

Thank you again.

Dec. 5, 2016"

USS Constitution was never defeated in battle.  In 1815, she engaged and captured two British men-of-wars at the same time.   In 1812, during ferocious the battle with HMS Guerriere, the seamen, astonished at how the British cannonballs were bouncing off the Constitution's hull, cried out - "Huzzah! Her sides are made of iron!"  Hence, her nickname, "Old Ironsides." 

Old Ironsides’ planks were up to seven inches thick.  The ship's design was unique for its time because of a diagonal cross-bracing of the ship's skeleton that contributed considerably to the ship's structural strength.   The USS Constitution (and also her sisters such as the USS Constellation and the USS United States) were larger and more heavily armed and built than standard frigates of the period.  The heavier guns devastated the Guerriere within 15 minutes of the battle: Guerriere's mizzenmast fell overboard to starboard, acting like a rudder and dragging her around, allowing the USS Constitution to cross ahead of Guerriere, firing a raking broadside which brought down the main yard.   Later, when asked if  the HMS Guerriere was prepared to surrender, Captain Dacres responded "Well, Sir, I don't know. Our mizzen mast is gone, our fore and main masts are gone - I think on the whole you might say we have struck our flag."

The Constitution's heavier guns and thicker hull could not slow her down.  Her one acre of sail and a slim underbody could push her to a remarkable top speed of 14 knots.  In fact, she was faster than any ships of the line and frigates except the USS United States.   With strong guns, a tough hull, fast speed, and an ingenious captain, the USS Constitution was the most formidable ship of her class--a champion!

In 1844, USS Constitution became the very first American ship that circumnavigated the globe.  She is now world’s oldest commissioned warship still afloat and welcomes millions of visitors annually. 

    No sails:
    39 sails:

Special edition:

Like all of our tall ship models, these USS Constitution model ships features:

  • Accurate beautiful stern gallery of the ship during time of the War of 1812.  No other models in the marketplace has this accuracy level. 

  • Authentic rigging, with many different size of ropes.  This superior rigging is one of Model Ship Master's features that no other commercial builders even hope to match. 

  • Billowing sails.

  • Hammock nets that sailor used to put their blankets in for extra protection during battle. 

  • Full number of boats.

  • Blackened metal cannons and wooden carriage.  All of the guns on the under deck are "real" guns which have metal barrels and wooden carriages.  

  • Copper-plated bottom: individual copper pieces are weathered unevenly to create a realistic look.  ModelShipMaster's exclusive!

  • Superior hollow hull construction (very important)

  • >90% of parts are wooden or metal


39"L x 30"T  x 11"W:  

- No sails (to show beautiful and accurate rigging)
  $2,900   Out of stock

- Full 39 sails: the ship is at her top speed, racing toward the HMS Guerriere.  Foremast and mainmast lower studding sails are all out      $3,500    Out of stock

SPECIAL EDITION, with historical appearance at the time the Iron sides battled the HMS Guerriere.  (The USS Constitution now is different, most notably in the stern gallery.)  
   Out of stock

60" LONG x 43" TALL x 20" WIDE:  $7,500    Out of stock


Shipping and handling cost: for shipment in the USA: $220, Canada and Hawaii $390, Europe, Middle East and Africa $450, Australia and East Asia $590.  Will be added automatically during the checkout process.  Model will arrive in about seven days.  Express 2-day service in the USA is also available during the checkout process.

For display case, please click here: Model Ship Display Case

- 10 action figures for this 60" long model   $100    Out of stock


And please click on the blue wordings to check out our beautiful USS United States model, USS Essex model, USS Constellation model, and the rare TNS Austin model.

"Hello,  I have done as much diligence as I can bear on finding the best quality model ship makers and am about to submit an order to you for your USS Constitution model. Can you explain what the 110V light feature is, please?  Is this something that you connect in some way to the model? I could not find a description of this on your website, apologies if it is there and I missed it. Also, have you ever considered a model of HMS Warrior? Thanks! Gareth H. Ph. D."



Both ships have sailed in, docked, and seem happy in their new home port.

The shipping was a little entertaining on the delivery, but worked out well, in the end. So I have been studying each of the models now for an hour or so, instead of working, but, hey. What two great distractions these are.

Some feedback on each:

USS CONSTITUTION: The level of and execution of the detailing are outstanding. Period. I did a lot of research on this particular model, and I found no other model that compares to it. Period. The rigging and the masts alone qualify this model as exceptional in its class. Add in everything else, and its a major player. Seeing it "in person" is more than convincing of its greatness. It exceeded my expectations.

SAN FELIPE: Here, the level of and execution of the detailing is stunning. The artisanship is simply fantastic and over-the-top. It competes "bow-to-bow" with any SF model on the market that I have seen and beats any of them, hand down. The model is WAY better than the photographs and GREATLY exceeded my expectations. I could go on and on about this model..... I love it.

SHIPPING: Packaging was A+! Well designed, straightforward, and very effective. And best, no damage.

SUGGESTIONS: Meant somewhat tongue-in-cheek: Frank, you need better photographs! The gap between what the photos convey and then what the models themselves convey is dramatic. That said, I'll tell you it is a wonderful experience to see something that is actually MUCH better looking than its photographs!

Would I purchase another of your models? Oh my God, yes! I am already trying to figure out which model I want next (likely HMS Victory).

So I'm now a huge fan.

Ray E."


Be sure to check out our beautiful and authentic USS United States model, USS Essex model, USS Constellation model, and the rare TNS Austin model.

In December 2007, Intel's IT general manager Malcolm Harkins presented this USS Constitution model  to Intel's CIO John "JJ" John in a special recognition event Staying the Course through Stormy Weather

"I want to tell you that I absolutely love the USS Constitution model I bought from you a while back. Just great. It brings me delight every day. Norman La Force"

"Your USS Constitution ship model appears  scaled as she was originally designed- her port and starboard spar deck midships is open. Her bulwarks were not added until 1814 -- Good Job! got you on my favorite vendors list.  I'm very impressed with her 39 sails!!!.  Captain Fred Ladd. "

"MSM Team,
The Constitution sailed into Potomac, Maryland and everything looks great... Thank you very, very much for a superb product. Sincerely, John Sillin