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SAN MATEO ship model

The San Mateo is an 800 ton, 16th century Spanish Galleon from the time of Phillip II, that made the America's run.  She is a typical example of the famous and distinctive Spanish Galleon, whose name was derived from "galley".  With elements of a commercial vessel, it was a cross between a cargo ship and a fighting ship, and became the mainstay of the Spanish Fleets. There were also merchant versions, with Spain being the leading builder and owner of such ships which were used to import fabulous riches from its vast overseas territories, particularly Mexico and Peru. It formed squadrons of galleons and warships, the latter serving to escort and protect the former from attack by other vessels.


This San Mateo model ship features:

  • Scratch-built

  • plank-on-frame

  • Realistic see-thru doors sand windows, not like the ones in Latina  kit which are solid metal

  • Realistic cannons under deck with wooden carriage and metal barrel

  • Realistic old-looking thin sails

32" long x 26" tall  $3,450 Shipping and insurance in the contiguous US included, 0ther places: $400 flat rate.