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          racing yacht

Royal yacht Britannia was built for the Queen Victoria's son Edward, Prince of Wales, successor to the throne.  Britannia was one of the most famous racing yachts in the history.  During her 2 first seasons, he won 60 regattas out of 91. 

In 1895 she won 38 of 50 regattas.  It is the record which no other yacht in history ever able to repeat. 

In 1897, Britannia beat the yacht Meteor of the Chancellor of Germany and won the Challenger Cup.

In 1921, the new owner, George V, refitted Britannia out for racing, and for the first few seasons replicated the stunning earlier successes. However, as the years progressed Britannia became increasingly unable to hold its own against the more modern rigged J-class yachts.

After George V’s death in 1936, Britannia was towed out into the English Channel and sunk in deep water off the Isle of Wight, in accordance with his dying wishes.


Britannia model features:

- Scratch-built
- Copper-plated bottom
- Plank-on-frame
- Wooden and metal parts

44" long x 53" tall x 6" wide  $2,500  
S & H is $220    SOLD OUT