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The Conte di Savoia came into existence in parallel with the Rex, serving the express route between Genoa and New York between 1932 and 1940.  Both ships were brought into service by the Italia Flotte Riunite in the Autumn of 1932 but both had originally been ordered by rival companies and the only similarities between them were their dimensions, speed and hotel arrangements. 

The Conte di Savoia and the Rex were conceived to compete with each other.  The Conte di Savoia has many points of resemblance to the Rex, but she is not identical in design.  If the Rex, with her old-fashioned and neoclassic décor, could be defined as the last of the floating palaces, the Conte di Savoia represented an authentic revolution among ocean liners with her lounges in a genuinely modern style.

Her designed speed is the same as that of the Rex.  In May 1933 she secured the westbound record with 27.53 knots from Gibraltar to the Ambrose Light, New York.  She held this record until August 1934, when it was taken from her by the Rex.  She has a raking bow, but a cruiser instead of a counter stern.

An exclusive feature of the Conte di Savoia is the provision of a stabilizer.  This device has been adopted for the first time in a large passenger liner.  The stabilizer in the Conte di Savoia consists of three gyroscopes, of the Sperry type, of equal dimensions. Each gyroscope has a fly-wheel weighing 175 tons and making 910 revolutions a minute.  The total weight of the stabilizer is 750 tons, and the horse-power absorbed is 2,000.  With the stabilizer in operation, the vessel will not roll more than five degrees (two and a half degrees to either side) even in the roughest weather.  Those who are afraid to take a sea voyage for fear of sea-sickness should therefore have no qualms about booking in the vessel.

For the first time an English publication recognized her technical superiority. Among her many innovations, we should remember that she was the first in the World to have an anti-roll system designed to counteract the dreaded mal de mer.

                                                             Conte Di Savoia's stabilizer


Like all of our ocean liner models, this SS Conte di Savoia ocean liner model ship has the following distinguished qualities:

- Scratch built from official plans
Superior hollow hull construction (very important), weighing less than 10 lbs  (A solid hull of this model would be over 30 lbs
- Windows are cutouts, not black decals
- 95% wood and metal


37" L x 13" T x 7" W (including base's width)   $2,700    
Shipping and handling cost: for shipment in the USA: $90, Canada and Hawaii $180, Europe, Middle East and Africa $240, Australia and East Asia $310.  It will be added automatically during the checkout process.  Model will arrive in about seven days.  Express 2-day service in the USA is also available during the checkout process.

Add light feature:  $200  

Add 20 figures  $100      Please visit the Rex's page for sample

For a deposit of $200, we can complete one of the above in about 4 months 

For display case, please click here: Model Ship Display Case


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