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The Love Boat


In 1977, Princess Cruises agreed to have their cruise ships featured in the television romantic sitcom The Love Boat.  The ship featured in nearly every episode of the series was the Pacific Princess.  The term "Love Boat" was heavily used by Princess Cruises in their marketing, and became synonymous with the Pacific Princess.  The success of the up-beat television show, which remained on the air until 1986, is largely credited with the increase in popularity of cruise ship travel in North America.






This Pacific Princess model features:

- Scratch-built

- All wooden and metal parts

- Superior hollow hull construction

48" L x 15" T x 9.5" W       $4,500  S & H is $150    SOLD OUT

36" L x 12" T x 8" W         $2,900   S & H is $90   SOLD OUT


Add light feature:  $200   


For display case, please click here: Model Ship Display Case


Dear Model Ship Master team,

I have received the Pacific Princess model that you built for me, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I commend all of you on the diligent way that you faithfully recreated this ship from scratch. Thank you for the many hours, days and weeks that you spent working on this model on my behalf. Your fine effort is very much appreciated! 

I was 8 years old when "The Love Boat" debuted in 1977. From the very first time that I watched the show, the design of the Pacific Princess captivated me. It looked beautiful from every angle. I never had the chance to take a cruise on the Pacific Princess, but now I have my own "Pacific Princess" to admire for a lifetime.

Again, allow me to say "thank you!"

Best regards and God bless,
Jeffery Seay
Editor in Chief, "Florida State Times" and "STATE Faculty-Staff Bulletin"
The Florida State University